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You Heard It From Me: JFK Eagles, Where Have I Been?

By Seth J. Walker

As Kennedy High School inches ever closer to closing its doors for good, preparations have been made for the final farewell weekend, and an official rendering of the logo for Taylor High has been made public, some of you may have wondered, where I’ve been.  Where have I been since covering the football season and the homecoming walkthrough.  Well, here goes.

As some of you may remember, I now live in West Bloomfield, and have since I returned from the Air Force eight years ago.  I made the decision however to cover the football season and thus make the trip Downriver once a week.  You all showed me tremendous support with the amount of views I received for my stories and the videos I posted.  I thank you all again for that.

However, as you all know, traveling back and forth between West Bloomfield and Taylor, or wherever the Eagles are playing at Downriver, can get expensive, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find it feasible to make that regular commute beyond the football season.  Other sports play multiple times per week, whereas football only plays once a week.

Nonetheless, a part of me felt like I had abandoned you all, and for that, I apologize.  For the winter season, I mainly covered basketball at the college level, and now I’ve covered some college softball and even a pro-am soccer game.  I will resume high school sports coverage shortly, to finish out the spring season, but it will be closer to my neck of the woods.

Let me say though, that it was an absolute honor and privilege to represent you all, speak to you, and speak for you.  It was great getting to reconnect with some of you I hadn’t seen since I was a student at Kennedy and to meet other alum that came before and even after me.  If there are any of you that are bitter towards me because of my decision, that’s your prerogative and I respect that.  For the rest of you, I invite you to Sports Source Media for more great content about local college and high school sports in Metro Detroit.  You’ll see that I have a new look now, was I had to get new domain, and unfortunately, I lost all of the stories I wrote last year.

With that said, I do plan on making it down there for the farewell weekend, so I hope to see you there.  You heard it from me, Seth Walker.


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